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5-Head Liquid Filling Machine

Shown as designed for 1 and 2.5 gallon F-style containers.

Additional filling carts enable line operators to perform changeover in as little as 5 minutes. Because the carts are permanently connected to the filler, these systems eliminate the clumsy disconnecting process to switch carts between batches. These systems have pre-programmed, adjustable cleaning controls menus for automatically cleaning while filling with multiple carts.

  • Fill head spacing can be customized to fit your containers.
  • Fill head quantity can be varied to meet your fill rates.
  • Swinging overhung control panel allows operator flexibility
  • Servo-driven options.
  • PASE exclusive fill heads allow very fast, accurate fills.
  • POP (Pressure-Over-Product) filler tanks can be pressurized with a blanket of inert gas to protect products that are sensitive to oxygen