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Automatic, Servo-Driven Pail Denester
  • The small footprint of this machine provides up to 40 5-gallon pails per minute in a fraction of the space needed by other denesters.
  • Adjusts easily to accommodate round, square or rectangular pails anywhere from 1 to 5 gallons.
  • Infeed length can be customized to meet capacity demands.
  • Optional bail orientation at outfeed eliminates the need for a separate orientator prior to labeling.
  • Low load height makes it easier for operators to load the infeed.
  • Entire machine is guarded with interlocked doors to ensure operator safety.
  • NEW - Stacks reload during denesting
  • NEW - Each Zone is on independent servo
  • NEW - If zone jams due to bent handle, all other zones continue automatically
  • Can be built as, or run as, a 2-station, 4-station, or 6-station depending on required throughput