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Dual 6-Head Liquid Filling Machine

Pase Group - DUAL 6-HEAD LIQUID FILLING MACHINEShown as designed for 0.5 Liter through 5 Liter narrow mouth containers.

With a PASE Group dual push-back design, you can produce on one fill station while you clean and prepare the other fill station for your next batch. Changeover between batches in as little as 5 minutes. With this PASE Group design, you'll practically eliminate lost production time spent on cleaning.

  • Net-weight filling ensures accuracy.
  • Customized fill head spacing and nozzle design.
  • Accommodates most sizes from pints to pails!
  • Number of fill heads can be varied to meet your fill rate needs.
  • Clean-top design makes cleaning more mess!
  • Quick change scale decks for fast container changeover.
  • Servo-driven pusher for smooth container movement
  • POP (Pressure-Over-Product) filler tanks can be pressurized with a blanket of inert gas to protect products that are sensitive to oxygen.
  • Removes the need to manipulate fill carts